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Take Care of Your Friends & Family In The Gambia

Get Things Done In The Gambia

From the convenience of your computer or phone, you can now order phone credit, cashpower, groceries, gifts, construction supplies, and more for quick delivery within The Gambia.

An Incredible Selection of Items

Browse our thousands of products, select the items you'd like, then send them to anyone in The Gambia with quick delivery.

Our products include instant top-ups of electricity and phone credit, groceries, gifts, mobiles, construction supplies, and more.

It's Better Than Sending Money

Manage how your money is used. Unlike with traditional money transfers, with Terangas you can choose exactly how your money is spent. Ensure the right people get the right items and that not a cent is wasted!

Trusted & Secure Payments

At Terangas we take data security very seriously. With registered offices and merchant services based in the US, all transactions are processed using international security standards including SSL encryption and data tokenization.

Support Gambian Business

At Terangas, we work with local businesses to support the Gambian economy. We're creating jobs for local Gambians, purchasing from local suppliers, and serving as a resource to help our local partners grow and thrive as well.

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