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Product Information

Make sure the meter number you are buying the cashpower for is correct. The NAWEC cashpower tokens are non refundable tokens i.e once a token is issued it cannot be transferred or cancelled. Instantly buy NAWEC Cashpower (Pre-Paid Electricity Top-Up) for any meter in The Gambia. Just provide the recipient phone number and meter number. The token number is a 16 digit code that can be inputted into the meter and will automatically recharge it.

How Electricity Top-Ups Work

Add Your Recipient

Add a recipient or select an existing recipient to receive the electricity top-up. The token will be generated for the meter number provided and sent to the phone number of the recipient.

Select Amount of Electricity

Select the amount of Electricity (kWh) you would like to send and the frequency. Click Buy Once for a single or "Send Monthly" for automatic monthly subscription.

Token is Delivered by SMS

Once your order is complete your recipient should receive their token within 5 minutes automatically - day or night. They can then input it into the NAWEC cashpower meter to refill their electricity.